Leverage New-Age Innovations to Solve Dunn-Area Business Problems

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When you’re a small or mid-sized business (SMB), you have significant challenges to overcome. Some common examples are difficulty generating leads, lack of proper marketing, struggles with time management, difficulty maintaining an online presence, and problems engaging customers. On top of all that, your budget is likely limited and the competition stiff. 

New-age innovations are your best bet in overcoming the challenges you’re facing. Not only are they effective and affordable, but they also level the playing field when it comes to the competition – you can go toe-to-toe with bigger businesses on a comparatively-minor budget. 

Here, the Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce gives you some practical examples of how you can leverage new-age innovations to solve common business problems:

Web apps for a stable online presence 

Your web presence is critical in this day and age. An impressive 97 percent of consumers use the internet to research products or services in their area, reports Qualtrics. 47 percent will visit the company website before making a purchase. You can build web apps or mobile apps to maintain a stable, credible online presence. Not only would it make you more approachable, but if you play your cards right, it can also boost revenues. Web development companies can create a mobile-optimized website that promotes brand awareness, connects with audiences, and generates more leads. 

Business process management for a more efficient workflow 

Your business is a collection of workflows, from product development to after-sales and customer support. With business process management (BPM), you can automate and optimize processes, eliminating delays and reducing resource use. You may want to learn more specifically about digital process automation – the practice of using digital solutions to automate workflows. By streamlining previously laborious business operations, you can more readily secure employee buy-in, which will make it easier to integrate digital technology. If you’re creating a BPM framework, ensure you constantly monitor its effectiveness and then act on the info to take steps to improve the process and output.  

Tools to protect business and client information

Technology can do amazing things for our businesses, but it’s important to use these tools alongside cybersecurity practices. Your data and your client’s information can be put at risk by phishing schemes and malware, so train your employees to identify and avoid these scams. You can also implement dual factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your processes.

You should also adopt the practice of password protecting PDFs through email and other digital document systems, like Dropbox. To begin, use a tool to help you merge PDF files easily. Simply add any files you want to combine into the drop zone, organize them, and select “Merge.” Then enable password protection by following these four simple steps: 1) go to “Tools,” 2) select “Protect,” 3) then “Encrypt and 4) “Encrypt with Password.” You can now create a password and send your documents without fear of tampering.

Time-management solutions for more productivity

Time-management solutions are an excellent way to prioritize tasks and minimize time wastage – for both you and your employees. A good example is a calendar app that can track meetings and deadlines, allowing you to coordinate meetings and tasks conveniently with employees. Some advanced solutions come with project-tracking and automatic time-keeping features, which can help your teams meet deadlines, accurately track their hours, and generally get paid on time. 

Better lead generation with digital and email campaigns  

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to find new customers or clients for your company. According to Statista, content marketing, marketing automation, big data, and AI-based marketing are the most effective digital marketing strategies out there. Regardless of which strategy you use, you need a memorable and standout logo to help you make a powerful impression. You can use online logo makers to create an appealing and creative logo by yourself. It’s as simple as picking a style and icon, adding in text, and customizing the color.  

Personalization for stronger customer engagement

Customers prefer personalized experiences. They’re more likely to favor the company that can remember their previous interactions, for instance, and offer customized recommendations or provide a more thoughtful service. According to Google, 59 percent of consumers expect brands to personalize experiences based on their reported preferences. Chatbots, digital self-service tools, machine learning apps, video tutorials, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can all be used to offer your customers a more personalized journey.  

Technology can be your best friend when you’re trying to gain traction in the market. Time-management tools, business process management optimizations, and the other solutions we mentioned above are all high-performance, low-cost ways to overcome common problems and achieve your business goals. 


To see how other local businesses are using technology to their benefit, consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce. 


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